Kel-P Delivers New Single/Video ‘What Have You Done?’


Kel-P has already made a name for himself in the Afrobeats music scene as an acclaimed producer, boasting a Grammy certification and other award nominations. Now, he is making waves as a vocalist with his EP, “Bully Season Vol.1,” supported by the single “One More Night,” which has already amassed nearly 4 million streams. With the release of “What Have You Done?,” Kel-P further puts himself in the eyes of many on the Afrobeats scene.What Have You Done?” is a vibrant Afro-club single, co-produced by The Elements and expertly mixed by Leandro “DRO” Hidalgo. The accompanying music video showcases an exhilarating underground party in Lisbon, perfectly capturing the essence of the song and aligning with the ambitious vision of the entire project.



Kel-P’s ultimate goal is to create music that brings joy and gets people dancing. As a multi-platinum star-producer who is now unveiling his vocal talents, he showcases his versatility and establishes himself as a complete artist with “What Have You Done?

Listen to What Have You Done here.


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