Zinolessky, “Many things” Music Video.

Zinolessky’s latest visual to his recent single has been making waves lately on the social and music charts. The video, which was released last week, has already garnered over a million views on YouTube. While the song itself is catchy and has a good beat, I cannot help but feel disappointed in the lack of originality in the video. It seems like just another generic music video with flashy cars, half-naked women, and a predictable storyline.

Despite my disappointment, there is no denying that Zinolessky’s music has a certain appeal to it. His unique blend of Afrobeat and hip-hop has earned him a loyal fan base, and his latest single is no exception. The song’s infectious chorus and upbeat tempo make it the perfect addition to any party playlist. However, I do wish that Zinolessky would take more risks with his music and visuals, and not rely on tired tropes to sell his brand.

In conclusion, while Zinolessky’s latest visual may be making waves on the charts, it falls short in terms of originality and creativity. As a fan of music, I hope to see more artists take risks and push the boundaries of their craft, rather than relying on tired cliches to sell records.

Here is a visual to the song “Many things


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