Joseph Momodu in the clear as look-alike man in Bobrisky’s video identified

Notable actor, Joseph Momodu is vindicated as netizens dig up the real face of the look-alike behind the viral video of Bobrisky which many mistook as the actor.

A video of Bobrisky in a suggestive advert had made rounds earlier with a look-alike of the Nollywood actor; after which he dropped a statement denying the claim.

Joseph Momodu in the clear as man in Bobrisky's video identified

Photos, however, have surfaced of the real face behind the advert which confirms Joseph Momodu not having such a business relationship with the crossdresser.

man in bobrisky's video

The individual in Bobrisky’s video is identified as SaintClaire, an adult entertainer and a fitness model who only shares a similar physique and skin tone with Momodu.

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