Mercy Chinwo files N2 billion lawsuit against musician, Obidiz, for using her name in a secular song

Nigerian gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo has filed a lawsuit against musician, Obidiz for using her name in a secular song.

In the suit dated March 23, 2023, Chinwo accused Obidiz of disparagingly using her name and picture in a secular music audio and video.

The song in question, titled “Mercy Chinwo,” was released in 2023 and tells the story of a wayward church girl.

“She dey share me the cake, but she no want commit. Mercy Chinwo for church, but for club na Cardi B sef”, the lyrics read in part.

Through her lawyers, the gospel artist, who has built a reputation for her powerful vocals, inspiring lyrics, and unwavering commitment to her faith, has ordered Obidiz to take the song down from all digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, and others.

He is to tender an apology to Mercy Chinwo, both privately and on social media.

If he doesn’t accede to her requests, a legal dispute will follow, and he will be compelled to pay Mercy Chinwo 2 billion naira in damages for the defamatory use of her name.

“That you immediately CEASE AND DESIST from any further use of the name and image of Our Client in promotion of your music.

4.2 That you take down or cause to be taken down, the song titled “Mercy Chinwo” which you published on be taken down immediately from all music digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud and any other platform whereby you made such publication.

4.3 That you take down or cause to be taken down, the promotional video containing the image and clips of Our Client from all social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platform where you made such promotion.

4.4 That you immediately make public an apology in writing, addressed to Our Client and publicized on all social media platforms whereby you express a retraction and remorse for the harassment, defamation of character and unauthorized use of Our Client’s name and image.” The suit read in part..

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