Tekno Releases New Music – “Freetown”

Tekno, one of Africa’s biggest music stars, has just dropped his latest single titled “Freetown“. The track is a smooth blend of afrobeat, R&B, and pop, and is set to be another hit for the artist.

Freetown” is a tribute to the people of Sierra Leone and their capital city, Freetown. The song is a celebration of the city’s vibrancy and the resilience of its people. Tekno’s silky vocals, coupled with the catchy beat, make for an infectious track that will have listeners grooving along in no time.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Tekno said: “I’ve always been fascinated by Sierra Leone, its history and culture. Freetown is a city that’s been through a lot, but the people there have always managed to keep their spirits up. I wanted to create a song that celebrates the city and its people, and that’s how ‘Freetown’ came about.”

Tekno, whose real name is Augustine Miles Kelechi, is known for his hits such as “Pana”, “Duro” and “Jogodo”. The award-winning artist has amassed a huge following both in Nigeria and internationally, thanks to his unique sound and charismatic performances.

“Freetown” is the latest single to be released by Tekno, and it’s already generating buzz on social media. Fans have been raving about the track, with many saying that it’s one of their favorite songs of the year so far.





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