Lady reveals how she left her man’s house by 12AM after they had a small fight.

A young lady took to Twitter to narrate her embarrassing encounter with her man after an argument.

She posted the message she sent to him after she left his house at midnight in a fit of rage but had to return there because no one could let her into her house.

See her post:

“Fought with this man over something very trivial, and me craze woman I left his house at 12am. I got back home and nobody answered me. I had to go back to his house. One of my most embarrassing moments fr. Almost vomited.”

Netizens have reacted to her decision to go leave and return that late.

Read some comments here:

Ojay wrote, “Nothing about this is funny. It reveals a fundamental flaw in the way a lot of women reason. The fact that something trivial made her put herself in unnecessary danger is the kind of foolishness to be expected from a highly neurotic woman and therefore you must avoid such.”

Olasunkanmi wrote, “I’m beginning to think y’all don’t have that vex money you keep mentioning, because why would you go back? No hotel?”

Delmiya wrote, “Loooool nope I could never let my opp win like this. Sleeping at a hotel > sleeping at a friend’s house > sleeping at another man’s house > sleeping in my car > sleeping outside >>>>> THIS ”

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