A Country With 4 Laws That Men Must Marry 2 Or More Wives

Hello Guys,

In a world where polygamy is shunned in some parts, There’s an African country where polygamy is compulsory for men.

In case you are wondering what this law is about, here are 4 things to know about the compulsory polygamy law in the small African country known as Eritrea.

  • It was learnt that the mandatory polygamy was put in place by the country’s government, a memo was circulated by activists who alleged that the government asked men to marry two wives due to shortage of the men caused by casualties during the civil war with Ethiopia.
  •  Citizens in other countries like Kenya are said to be excited about the news because they can change citizenships and marry beautiful Eritrean women.
  • The government wholly supports polygamous marriages now in Eritrea
  • The penalty for refusing to marry at least two wives is life imprisonment with hard labour.

E shock you abi? Imagine getting imprisoned with hard labor for not marrying more than one wife.

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