DEAR UPCOMING MUSICIANS!! 5 Tips To Having A Fantastic TV Or Radio Interview As An Artiste

Media interviews are very important in the life of any musician, no matter how blown you are.

Through interviews, fans get to connect with you, have a feel of your personality, and also get some amazing facts about you and your music.

As an artiste, you must always strive to get interviewed, don’t run away from interviews, and be prepared to kill any interview session you’re called up for.

In my over 5years of producing interview shows on Naijaloaded TV, I still feel many upcoming artistes don’t know how to properly have an interesting interview that will end up having a positive impact on their music career.

Below Are 5 Tips To Having A Fantastic TV Or Radio Interview As An Artiste:-

1. Be Friendly To People You Meet At Any TV Or Radio Station

Many times, I see artistes acting cold and hostile when they enter a media house for an interview.

Two things could cause this, it’s either the artiste is shy or he or she is acting that way to boost his ego. Pride!!

You’re an upcoming artiste, you enter a media house and you want OAPs and media journalists who have met people way bigger than you to rush you and start famzing you because you have 50k followers on IG.😂

As an artiste, when you enter a media house be friendly to the host, the cameraman, the grip guys, and anybody you meet.

Your friendly attitude won’t only set a good atmosphere for a great interview, it will make the people in the media house treat your music contents as a fan long after the interview.

If you come in unfriendly to people in the media house, there are high chances that you will have a very dry interview because the vibe is already negative from the start.

2. Ask For What The Interview Will Be About

No matter how well you think you can talk during an interview, try as much as possible to ask what the interview will be all about.

Better still, make attempt to find the previous edition of the interview show with other artistes. This will give you an idea of how the interview is going to be like.

For instance, some OAP might be very controversial with their interview questions, you just have to know so that you can answer controversial questions in the smartest way possible.

As an upcoming artiste, most interviews you will be doing at this stage will be about you, your past and present music projects, therefore you must come prepared in a way that music lovers will be so much interested in your music after watching your interview.

We once interviewed Jaido P on Naijaloaded TV and the interview was centered around his beef with Kabex at that time.

We informed him about what the interview is about and ofcourse he came prepared.

Watch Jaido P’s Interview Below:-

3. Don’t Be In A Rush To Answer Questions, Relax!!

It is an interview, not an examination, so you should relax when answering questions thrown at you.

Don’t be too much in a rush to answer interview questions. You’re free to pause for some moment, think the question through before answering.

You’re free to say “Humm, let me think for a moment“. The interviewer won’t mind because a well-thought answer brings out a better quote than rushed answers and better quotes are what the OAP is looking for.

When we interviewed Oxlade on Naijaloaded TV, he was so calm with his response and everything he said was on point back-to-back.

Watch Oxlade’s Interview Below:-



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