Falz Essentials: Top 10 Falz Songs Of All Time (No. 4 Is One Of The Biggest Rap Songs Ever)

Falz the bahd guy is an artist that needs no introduction in the Nigerian music industry, and he’s worked for it. 

I don’t care what list we talking about, but in the past decade, Falz is definitely top 10! Three No. 1  albums within three years? That’s madness. Not quite a lot of rappers are that consistent. We really gotta give it up for Falz.

We perused his discography and here’s a list of Falz‘s 10 best songs, since the release of his first album in 2014.

1. Soft Work

There’s a reason Falz is who he is. Well, that’s inaccurate, because there are a lot of reasons. But one of those would be the fact that he can make groovy jams, and still not lose his lyrical ability.

Soft Work” at one time was Falz‘s biggest song, and when it was on the air in 2017, it was one of the biggest and coolest. The music video also top-notch.

2. Soldier ft. Simi

It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to rapper-singer collaborations.

Soldier” is a perfect song, however you look at it. Lyrically, sonically, even commercially. Falz and Simi would go on to do a couple of other songs, but none quite like “Soldier” anymore.

3. Johnny

Johnny” which is a story of police brutality is from Falz’s critically acclaimed “Moral Instruction” album.

The song became one of the soundtracks of the End SARS protest all across Nigeria, last year.

4. Bahd Baddo Baddest 

This team-up was especially extraordinary. Two of the most active and hottest rappers in the industry, and one of the biggest singers ever; iconic stuff!

Bahd Baddo Baddest” shaped the culture, and helped give the boost trap music needed at the time. Falz did that.

5. Hypocrite

For a long time, Falz never really did his own hooks, and that’s why when he links up with a singer, it’s always a hit.

Hypocrite” which is from his “Moral Instruction” album has one of his best rap performances ever. Now, talk about a badass like Demmie Vee on the chorus.

6. This Is Nigeria

Sometimes, I reckon this might be the best Nigerian rap song of all time, in terms of content. “This Is Nigeria” had all of Nigeria talking about socio-political issues like never before.

It was trending all over social media for a long time, and it was indeed a cultural change for the music industry.

7. Sweet Boy

Well, when it comes to setting trends, we really gotta give it up for Falz. It’s what he does best.

Sweet Boy” quickly became a pop culture thing and was all over the place, as at the time Falz dropped this hit.

8. Wehdone Sir

Falz had everyone saying “wehdone sir” all over 2017. Crazy doings.

His criticism of certain things instantly made for a fresh controversy and before the song faded, it did really big numbers.

9. Talk

But his most controversial of all is probably “Talk” where he talked about literally everything.

Falz, who is Femi Falana’s son, is especially known for picking on the government at every turn.

10. Bop Daddy

This is Falz‘s last big hit, released during the lockdown last year. A Tik Tok challenge quickly made the song viral, and the rest as they say is history.

Which Of These Jams Is Your Favourite?

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