FACT CHECK!! See Why Sowore Was Shot In Abuja Today & Face Of The Police Officer (See Photos)

Some hours ago, it was reported that Sahara Reporters founder, Sowore has been shot by police CPS at Abuja Unity Fountain during a protest to demand an end to insecurity in the country.

But the truth is, Sowore wasn’t shot with a gun. A police officer fires teargas cannister directly at him at Unity Fountain in Abuja, piercing his body. The funny part is that the police officer is a lady. Azin a woman took Almighty Sowore off the ground. His jazz left him immediately. Wonders shall never end!

And that lady must be a Feminist. She targeted his penis area, luckily the teargas cannister kissed his ass instead.😫

Come to think of it, does it mean Sowore no get Odeshi jazz for body? Nobi him carry native doctor enter court room some weeks ago?

It seems all these juju are powerless piece of shits. What if it was a gun? That would have been his end on Earth.🤦


Why Was He Shot? He was shot for carrying out a peaceful protest to demand an end to insecurity in the country.

Who Shot Him? Below is the face of the police woman that shot teargas cannister at Sowore.

What Was He Shot With? Teargas cannister, not a gun.

Is He Dead or Alive? He’s not dead, still and undergoing treatment.

May God help us all in this country o. Nowhere is safe anymore.😫

What’s Your Take On This Matter?

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