DID YOU KNOW? Nigerian Women Don’t Date or Marry For Love But For Money & Fame (See This)

You know for the past 5 years, I’ve always advice fellow Nigerian men not to date or marry from Nigeria for this reason.

In fact, for same reason I refused to associate, entangle or date any. The more I try to, the more reason to distance myself from them. Maybe I always meet the wrong ones, perhaps they’re all the same.

Genuine love ended in Nigeria 20yrs ago. Those in relationships and marriages right now, are bunch of opportunists and gold diggers. Not at though, I believe there are good and honest people. Besides, it wouldn’t make any sense to condemn and generalize because of the sins of few.

But to be honest, Nigerian women these days don’t marry or date for love but money. I once wrote an article on their perspectives on relationships and marriages. They sees it as a job opportunity and poverty alleviation scheme. Reason why girl would graduate from the University, and jump into marriage a month later. Reason why most of them visit native doctors, prophets, online self-acclaimed spiritualists such a Angela Nwosu, Juruma and Co just to secure the bag. The frustrated ones decided to embrace Feminism.

Now let’s talk about FFK and his new girlfriend and wife to be.

According to reports, the politician is now smitten by an ex-beauty queen, Miss Ezenwa Chika Nerita. She was spotted at the birthday party of the politician’s triplets which he had with his fourth wife, Precious Chikwendu. The funny part is, this is coming just months after FFK and Precious confirmed that their relationship was irreparable and over. This is how women support women in Nigeria? Smh

Which woman on her right state of mind, would wanna date FFK after all that just happened last month between him and ex-wife? So you see what I’m talking about? Dating and marrying for money and fame!

Myself, I might marry a Nigerian, even though I preached/stood against it, but I will NEVER marry a broke or poor woman. She must have something doing that earns her money, no matter how little it is. I can’t even date a jobless woman who has nothing, not even a skill, just p*ssy.

Besides there’s nothing fun about dating or marrying a jobless woman. Dia Wahala too much and na dem cheat pass. Majority of them are ingrates. I’ve seen some abandon a man who sponsors their education, provide heaven on earth for them.

As a man if you no get money, nobody go reason your side.

Let’s fix this country together jare. Enough of all these nonsense.

Nigerian Women Don’t Date or Marry For Love But For Money & Fame


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